What's Your "Why?"

It's always about the "why"

There are as many reasons for choosing to participate in this event as there are people. The range is obviously very wide and includes things like:

  • Some people simply want to be outdoors feeling the ground under there feet and the wind at their back and enjoying the company of others doing the same. 
  • Some are driven to want to be "involved" in some way that makes a difference to others. 
  • Some have had a close friend or family member who is either suffering or was lost to a wholly preventable chronic illness, and being involved is their way of saying "NO MORE!" 
  • And others have been very personally impacted by chronic disease. In some cases, they are still in that fight and want to be part of a movement that's fighting back. 
  • In other cases, some were able to HEAL from chronic illness and have learned in a very visceral way how powerful a whole food plant based dietary lifestyle was in their healing and want to help get that message out to the world...to "pay it forward!"

We all have a "why" and while some "why's" may be dramatic and heart wrenching as others read them, all have their own personal significance. But the fact is, EVERYONE'S "WHY" MATTERS!  So tell "your" story! When you register for the event, you can create your own "profile" page and share why you chose to participate in the Spring Into Health 5K. Your story matters because it gives your friends, coworkers, family, etc. a glimpse into why they might want to support you in your fundraising efforts and in your day at the event.


How To Get Started


Getting Registered for the Event

 To begin the process, go to our Spring Into Health event platform and on the left side menu, Click the REGISTER link. Fill in all the required information, and if you wish to create your own team or join another already created team, this is where you'll do that 

Your Basic Profile

While you are logged in,in the Upper Right Hand Corner of the page, click the MENU link. When the page opens, just below your name (upper right), click EDIT MY PROFILE.

Double check to be sure that all the included information is correct.  Notice there is a checkbox for "Check this box if you would like to be notified by email when one of your friends signs up using your affiliate link!" You'll surely want to check that box so that you can send a "thank you" to each contributor to your event. Everyone appreciates being acknowledge for their contribution!

As you scroll down the page, you'll see where you can add a photo and crop/resize it. (Be sure to click the "upload image", which you do after you've "found" the image you want to use and selected it from your device). Once the image has been uploaded, click the SAVE button at the very bottom of the page

Setting Up Your "Fundraiser" Page

Again go to the Upper Right and click PARTICIPANT. The default page is your Participant Dashboard

Just below the long blue bar that says "View My Participant Registration Information" just to the right of your name is EDIT FUNDRAISING PAGE. Click that link.

When the editor screen pops, you can create a "goal" amount, and add whatever text you would like, This is where you can share your "why" for participating ... whatever that may be. This is your opportunity to "engage" the people who visit your page, let them know why you're running, walking, whatever, and  why you're doing it with PBNM.org. The site gives you 1000 characters to share your "why."

Sharing Your "Page"

Once you've completed your "fundraising" page, back at your "dashboard" and the lowest left section, you'll see a Preview link where you can preview what you'd created, and below that are social sharing links for Twitter, Facebook, and Email.  If you click the "email" sharing link, the system automatically creates the email, and you'll see the URL for your personal page included. You may want to save that URL somewhere so it is convenient for any time you want to use it as a method for encouraging people to support you.

Donations Monitor

On the lower right of your Dashboard you'll be able to watch your progress toward your fundraising goal. You can feel reassured that all of the funds raised will be used in support of furthering the education and training in the whole food plant based lifestyle to prevent and reverse chronic disease!