Spring Into Health 5k - Grove #24

Our Race Location

The Spring Into Health 5K walk/run will be held at Busse Woods in Elk Grove Village. This park has an abundance of parking, beautiful groves for picnics and activities with family and friends, plenty of washrooms, and beautiful marsh and water areas inviting all sorts of wildlife...including the human kind. Walking, running, biking are common occurrences here throughout spring, summer, and fall.

If you're not familiar with the area, you'll need to be aware that, while we've reserved this area for our event, Busse Woods is a public park. So while you're moving throughout the race, you may encounter other people enjoying the park (walking, running, biking, etc.) who are NOT participants in the event. Please be gracious to everyone and understand that all have an equal right to be there.

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While Grove #24 is where we will START and FINISH the 5K, you'll find there is plenty of parking in this entire section of the park. Click the link below for a map bringing you to our location in the park. 

Map to Grove #24

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We're seeking Volunteers to help get the word out prior to the event as well as to help at the event (participant sign-ins, distribute participant packets, work water stations, etc.) If you'd like to help, click below!

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Sponsorships help fund our efforts to inform and support both the public at large as well as the medical community as to the healing power of plant based nutrition. Your donation enables us to do more and do it more quickly. We are most grateful!

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