Fundraising Ideas & Tools


Start the Process Early

No matter when the actual event is to take place, start talking about right away. If you're not already "ready" to walk or run a 5K, the sooner you begin working up to it, the better. So think of this time as you Support Building time as well as your Stamina Building time!


Focus On Your "Why"

Asking for donations is never easy ... for anyone. That's why it's so important to focus on your "why" ... your reason for your effort. Is it to gain more knowledge yourself so you can raise really health children? Or a "paying it forward" for healing you yourself have experienced? Or how about knowing that every dollar collected will help someone else learn how they can take back control of their health, perhaps even save their life? There are so many powerful "whys." What's yours?


Share Your Message Widely

The more people with whom you connect, however you connect, who are aware of your participation in the event, and why you chose this one to run/walk in, the more likely you are to achieve your goals ... both your personal accomplishment goals and your activity goal. 

We're Here to Do Good Things & Have Some Fun!


Have a "Follow-up" System

Has it ever happened to you that you made a well intentioned commitment to someone and it simply slipped your mind? Unintended slips happen to everyone! Since you're able to monitor donations in your Participant Dashboard, if you jot down everyone who SAYS they plan to make a donation, you'll be able to see if/when they actually do ... or not!

So if you notice some time has passed and someone had indicated they would be donating, but there is no record of any donation, how about just something like a quick text or email to them saying something like "hey Charlie, it just occurred to me that you'd said you planned to support me in the 5K I'm doing for, but I noticed nothing has come through yet. I just wanted to be sure that something hasn't gone wrong and your donation didn't get processed properly. Have you done it yet?" 


Keep People Updated on Your Progress

That best way to keep yourself motivated and focused on achieving your goals, whatever they are, is to TALK ABOUT IT! People who care about you want you to succeed, and most of the time they want to HELP you succeed. So let people know how you're doing ... and that means both with your physical preparation as well as toward your fundraising. There's no need to be too specific ... even comments like "I'd love to make my goal, I'm about half way there," or "every little bit helps and I'd really appreciate your support." Just FYI, there is a modest $5 minimum donation.


"Thank You" Goes A Long Way

Whenever someone supports you, whether in your effort to achieve a goal or through supporting your fundraising efforts, always, always, always say Thank You!!!! People tend to not hear that often enough in their lives and are generally so appreciative when they do!

And how about doing it in a special thank you note? When was the last time you received one of those small envelopes in the mail and a lovely brief hand-written thank you note inside? How did that make you feel?

We have a serious objective here, for sure. But BOTTOM LINE this is all about creating a better, healthier, happier, more productive life for ourselves and those around us. So whatever your effort, whatever your level of participation, WE WANT YOU TO HAVE FUN!

These tips will help you get started, as will the resources provided through RaceRoster, our event provider ... particularly their easy social media connection. But by all means share our event website widely and encourage others to PARTICIPATE WITH YOU. 

Everything is much more fun when shared with friends!