About Us - PBNM.org

Our Mission


 Plant Based Nutrition Movement (PBNM.org) aims to organize a combined effort of healthcare providers and community members to promote lifestyle changes to improve the health of America fighting the current epidemic of chronic disease with whole food plant based nutrition.

The more we learn about the causes of chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension and diabetes, the more the message becomes clear: While our genes may stack the deck, it is our lifestyle that determines the cards we are dealt! When it comes to chronic diseases in particular, which accounts for roughly 80% of our healthcare burden, our dietary and lifestyle choices play a much greater impact on our health than do our genes.

At PBNM.org, we strive to unite lifestyle medicine physicians with passionate community members to spread the message of the power of plant based nutrition and lifestyle changes to prevent and reverse chronic disease. In our current healthcare system, prevention is a poor business model, thus we must stand up and demand a change from pills to plants. From the pharmacy to the farmacy. Prevent disease in the first place instead of waiting for disease to develop, then prescripbing therapies that do not cure, but only prolong the disease.

Join us to be the change the healthcare system needs!

Lifestyle Matters


Our bodies are miraculously designed. Ever notice that when you get a cut or a bruise, your body seems to know exactly what to do to heal itself? However if you keep re-injuring yourself...say three times a day, every single day? How would that injury heal? The best thing we can do is to learn how to "stay out of the way" and let our bodies restore our health! 

Physicians Care


We're proud to share this event with many, many physicians and other healthcare providers who are committed to improving health...one mile at a time, one bite at a time. They're here for one simple reason ... to help us amplify the message of the power of a predominately or exclusively whole food plant based diets and healthy lifestyle habits.