Spring Into Health
April 27, 2019
5K walk/run

Busse Woods - Elk Grove Village, IL

Join Lifestyle Medicine Physicians on Your Journey to a Healthier You!

Be the Change America Needs - Prevent Disease with Lifestyle Medicine!


Doing the greatest good for the greatest number of people!  At PBNM.org we are on a mission to get the word out, and YOU CAN HELP and have a blast making it happen! 


Join us for the 2019 SPRING INTO HEALTH 5K ! Rates of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and obesity, are skyrocketing despite the fact that these diseases are predominately preventable with a healthy diet and lifestyle. At PBNM.org we are determined to change the culture and food system in America to promote good health and disease prevention, and to reverse the trend that not only robs people of years to their lives, it robs them of life in their years!


Mrs Illinois International 2019

Marnie Robinson


Meet Marnie Robinson, Mrs Illinois International 2019, as she advances her platform, FOOD IS MEDICINE, while supporting PBNM and this exciting event!

Meet Marnie Robinson

Walk/Run with Leading Lifestyle Medicine Physicians

Dr. Joel Kahn


"America's Heart Healthy Doc"

Dr. Kahn, professior of cardiology at Wayne State University has authored numerous best selling books and has made appearances in the documentary "What The Health", Joe Rogan Podcast,  Dr. Oz Show and more!

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Dr. Steven Lome


Cardiologist at Rush, Dr. Lome has lost almost 100 lbs through lifestyle medicine. He founded PBNM.org and HeartStrong.com to help spread the message of the power of plants to prevent and reverse chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.

 See all 10+ physicians participating here 

Dr. Ashwani Garg


Northwestern trained family medicine physician at Northshore Univesity HealthSystem, Dr. Garg takes a holistic approach integrating lifestyle medicine and wellness into his practice.  He recently appeared in the documentary Diet Fiction.

 See all 10+ physicians participating here 

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America's Premier Lifestyle Medicine 5K Event

Enjoy a Healthy Plant Based Meal


Experience the healing power of plants! A whole food plant based meal will be provided to all walk/run participants!

Presentations from Physicians


Hear from physicians how you can prevent/reverse chronic disease and lead the way to a healthier America!

Cooking Demonstrations


See leading chefs demonstrating techniques to prepare healthy, nutritious and delicious meals that promote healing!

Food Tastings


Taste a variety of foods from restaurants and sponsors of the Spring Into Health 5K.

Post Race Stretch/Massage


Relax after the walk/run and have therapists stretch/massage those tired muscles.

Support Lifestyle Change


Lifestyle in America is not going to happen unless we demand it. Support PBNM.org.

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Create a Spring Into Health 5K Team and start the group fundraising efforts! Team up with coworkers, family and/or friends! 

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Customize your own individual fundraising page to tell your story and inspire others to support your journey!

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Prior to embarking on ANY new physical activity, be sure to check with your primary healthcare provider. This is particularly important for those whose health is already compromised.